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Dear Yuletide Author,

OK so this has been a wild ride already, and it's only sign-ups! First, I'm already a bit rushed because I'm signing up at the last minute; I mean, I started narrowing down which fandoms I was gong to offer/request a few days ago, but I only actually started signing up tonight, which. MISTAKE. I mean, writing request prompts is practically the hardest part of any fic exchange, and this is my first Yuletide, and I left it until the last few hours. And then on top of that, my laptop just crashed in the middle of writing my requests and this letter; thanks to some Chrome or AO3 magic, I didn't lose my sign-up (thank god) but I did lose my previous letter, so. 

Anyways, hi! I'm Grave. Thanks so much in advance for writing for me; I'm certain that I will be super happy with whatever you choose to write for me. I've managed to come up with some stuff in the way of prompts, but feel free to ignore them or only use part of them; whatever inspires you is cool!

That said, I'll take a moment to go into my Do Not Wants. They're pretty simple and apply for all of my requests: I don't want abuse, non-con, watersports, scat, or bestiality. With abuse, referencing/mentioning it is fine, I just don't want it to be focused on. I don't want non-con but I am fine with some dub-con, like sex pollen or other mind-altering substances.

Now I'll go into my requests, which I am listing in no particular order:

1. Lumberjanes - Any Character(s)

Anything would be great! I'm cool with any of the Lumberjanes characters; feel free to keep it gen or write something more shippy (I like Mal/Molly and Jo/April, but ships are totally up to you!); if you want to write something more explicit, that's fine with me as long as everyone is aged up appropriately! If not, I love fluff as well as humor, and AUs are also cool - a high fantasy Lumberjanes AU would be really cool, come to think of it! Or maybe the gang in space - maybe some of them are aliens? :0 But canonverse Lumberjanes is quite fine as well. Feel free to write about the ensemble, or focus in on a few specific characters - it's up to you!
I love Lumberjanes because of the spirit of adventure, and of friendship, and of course the humor doesn't hurt either c:. So that's what I'm looking for, in a general sense!


2. Stardew Valley - Abigail, Male Player

First, a note - Male Player is what I've technically requested, but I don't actually have a preference between Male Player and Female Player, so that's up to you. You could even go for Nonbinary Player! That'd be pretty cool, actually, but like I said: up to you. Anything from gen to explicit is fine with me; Player and Abigail can be anything from friends to lovers to spouses.

If you want a prompt, you could write Player and Abigail adventuring in the caves side-by-side, having each others' back in battle? Maybe the adventuring ends in some adrenaline-fueled makeouts, or love-making? Up to you! Alternatively, you could put them in some kind of apocalypse scenario (zombies optional) - that could be interesting! Or just some fluff about them playing videogames and/or playing music together - I'm really not picky!


3. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Deirdre Skye, Corazon Santiago

Firstly, I'm flexible regarding how you choose to write Santiago and Deirdre's relationship; they could be friends, lovers, friendly rivals, rivals/enemies who deeply respect each other, rivals who find each other aggravating but also attractive (kismesissitude, if you happen to be a filthy Homestuck like me.) I'd prefer if they didn't just straight-up hate each other, unless you're going the hatesex route, & even then it'd be nice if they held some sort of grudging respect.

I list these options out because there are so many interesting ways you could take the Deirdre/Santiago relationship; feel free to pick what appeals to you! Whether you go friendship or rivals or shippy, gen or explicit or in-between, doesn't matter much to me.

Here are some things you could explore, if you want a prompt: how Deirdre and Santiago learned to tolerate each others' ideological differences (for the sake of an alliance, maybe? Or for the sake of a relationship? Or both? Up to you!) Or on the other hand, you could look at where they are similar rather than different; Deirdre may be focused on the environment, but she isn't exactly a pacifist, and Santiago might well respect her strength.

Something about the both of them having Planetdreams together, perhaps? Or maybe something about how they are both functionally immortal, and how over the decades and centuries they grow closer together, as a result of having few others to connect with who understand the heavy responsibilities associated with leading a faction?

The world of Alpha Centauri just fascinates me so much, so anything you explore here would be welcome. The eerie world... the starkly different personalities of the faction leaders, indeed the concept of your country being entirely centered on one ideology... the hive mind that spans across an entire planet... all of these are things I love about this game. 


4. Imperial Radch - Translator Zeiat, Gem of Sphene, Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen | Breq

Anything involving these three would be awesome! Ships are up to you; any combination of these three, including a threesome, is fine with me, or you can go the friendship route; either is cool! I'm fine with gen, explicit, or anything in-between. I love the humor potential here, and I love fluff. If you want a prompt, you could explore the differences in perspective of these three characters, one a translator, one a ship, one an ancillary/former ship. Or there's the utter weirdness Zeiat is prone to as a translator and Breq & Sphene's differing reactions to that. Maybe post-trilogy Zeiat returns again & is involved with negotiations/the conclave? Political maneuvering is always a plus. But in the end it's really up to you what you explore with these characters!

Okay, I may end up writing some additional thoughts on these requests, but it's 3:42 AM here so I'm kind of burned out. If I do, it'll be within a day or two. 

In conclusion, I hope that you are inspired, and I am excited to see what you write for me! Good luck, and have fun - I plan to!


(my tumblr) (my ao3)
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