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Homestuck Polyswap 2017 Letter

Dear Polyswap Gifter,

Hi! I'm Grave (ao3 user graveExcitement (arachnids) and firstly, thanks in advance for drawing or writing something for me; whatever it is, I'm excited to see it! And I hope I was able to come up with enough good prompts to spark your inspiration!

Before anything else, here are my Do Not Wants / disliked tropes. I don't really want to see abuse; referencing/mentioning it is fine, I just don't want it to be focused on. Black romances/kismesissitude are great! I'd just prefer it stay in the realm of like, healthy rivalry. I'm also not a big fan of love triangles (but hey, I doubt you are either, I mean this is Polyswap) or jealousy over romantic partners. Would prefer for jealousy to not be a large element.

Some tropes I do like: I'm a fan of telepathy, bodyswapping, and bodysharing. I love characters cuddling/snuggling/falling asleep together. I also like hurt/comfort (especially sickfic), fake dating and fake marriage, and fics that focus on humor. These may or may not be compatible with all the prompts I wrote up, but I'm presenting them anyways.

Next, my prompts:

1. [Karkat, Terezi, Sollux]

I love the way these three synergize! The way they work together and balance each other out is just really interesting to me. I like these three as friends, flushed, pale, some flushed-pale combo where one or two of the individual pairings are flushed and the other one or two is pale... any of those are good! You could even throw some black romance in there if you wanted :U

Basically, if you're looking for a prompt, just... something about these three working together and balancing each other out. Alternatively, it might be pretty neat to see these three sparring...

This could be before Sgrub, during Sgrub, during the 3-year asteroid journey in an AU where Sollux didn't half-die, post-game, in a canon-divergent AU or in some non-game AU! I like AUs, I should probably have mentioned.

2. [Rose, Vriska, Terezi, Kanaya]

My girls!! I love the chemistry between these girls, which shows up in a variety of ways and quadrants, so I'm cool with whatever quadrant(s) you decide to put this in! Many of these girls are quite devious, so it'd be cool to see them working together to pull something off. (And Kanaya, of course, there to keep them in line...)

What that "something" they work together on would be up to you. Something Sburb-related? A game? A heist? A scheme? Something else entirely? Or you could have these disaster girls (well, varying levels of disaster) just struggling to keep themselves together. That would work too.

3. [Jade, Kanaya, Rose]

For Jade/Rose/Kanaya - either as a flushed triad or as a V with Rose in the middle - I'm thinking something fluffy, maybe even domestic. I love cuddling and falling asleep together so that would net you some major bonus points, but that's optional c:

Post-game or non-game AU might work best for this one, but it's really up to you! Whatever inspires you works for me.

4. [Dave, Karkat, Terezi]

Ah, Karkat/Terezi/Dave... a classic. Would prefer that the Terezi/Dave be flushed; it's up to you whether you go for flushed or black when it comes to Karkat/Dave and Karkat/Terezi. Could be flushed both ways, black both ways, or flushed one way and black the other.

I absolutely love the bantering between this trio. They each have a lot to say, and Terezi and Dave in particular are great at fucking with people, verbally. So, witty banter is a plus.

In general just... these three being willing to fuck with each other, but when it comes down to the wire they work together, fight together, protect each other. Some makeouts along the way wouldn't go amiss!

I hope that at least one of these prompts inspire you, and I'm excited to see what you make for me. Good luck, and have fun!


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