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Dear Chocolatier,

Sorry about my request details being semi-sparse; I signed up at the last minute. I'm a last-minute kinda person, really. But! Hopefully this letter makes up for all that.

Anyways, hi! I'm Grave (ao3 user graveExcitement (arachnids)). Thanks in advance for writing for me; I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you choose to write. I've managed to come up with some prompts, things I like, etc., but feel free to ignore them or only use part of them - whatever inspires you is cool with me! In fact, I'm probably going to go into more detail than is warranted for a low-commitment exchange like this one, but whatever :P

Before all that, here are my Do Not Wants:
 I don't want abuse, non-con, watersports, scat, or bestiality. With abuse, referencing/mentioning it is fine, I just don't want it to be focused on. I don't want non-con but I like some dub-con, like sex pollen or other mind-altering substances.

If you're interested in writing something explicit, that's cool - I just never really know what to prompt for that sort of thing. But a few elements I like in my smut are: mind-altering substances (alcohol, recreational drugs, sex pollen, aphrosidiacs), mating cycles/heats (though I'm not really fond of ABO fic otherwise, so maybe don't go that specific route), telepathy/mind-melding, light bondage. (I also like non-kinky smut, don't worry!)

As for some non-smutty things I like: I'm a fan of telepathy, bodyswapping, and bodysharing. I love characters cuddling/snuggling/falling asleep together. I also like hurt/comfort (especially sickfic), fake dating and fake marriage, and fics that focus on humor. I also like soulmate AUs, though they can get a bit trite at times. I also like gen/friendship fic, which is why I've requested a few gen combos!

Now, more detail on my requests (in no particular order):

1. Lumberjanes: Mal/Molly || April & Jo & Mal & Molly & Ripley

For Lumberjanes, something explicit would be fine as long as everyone involved is aged up appropriately! But I also very much like fluff as well as humor, and AUs are also cool - a high fantasy Lumberjanes AU would be really cool, come to think of it! Or maybe the gang in space - maybe some of them are aliens? :0 But canonverse Lumberjanes is quite fine as well. All of this applies whether you choose to write about the ensemble or focus in on Mal/Molly - but in the end, what you write is up to you; feel free to ignore these prompts or use them as you like.

I love Lumberjanes because of the spirit of adventure, and of friendship, and of course the humor doesn't hurt either c:. So that's what I'm looking for, in a general sense!
2. Dangan Ronpa: Hinata Hajime/Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko || Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko/Pekoyama Peko || Mioda Ibuki/Ultimate Impostor || Fujisaki Chihiro & Oowada Mondo

First of all, I'd be happy to receive fic about any of the requested pairings(/gen combo.) I would prefer no non-Despair AUs, but canon-divergent AUs are cool.

For the SDR2 ships, you could set them pre-canon (Kuzuryuu & Pekoyama before they came to Hope's Peak?), during DR3: Despair Arc (Ibuki gets curious about Impostor/"Mitarai", Kuzuryuu struggling to help Pekoyama be independent while also struggling with his feelings for her), during or following SDR2/DR3: Hope Arc (Hinata and Kuzuryuu comforting each other in the wake of the final murders; Hinata and Kuzuryuu struggling to keep things together while they wake up their friends; Ibuki getting closer with Impostor after waking up, or while on the boat; Kuzuryuu and Pekoyama trying to work things out, once Pekoyama's woken up).

(A note here: If you wanted to venture out and write Pekoyama/Kuzuryuu/Hinata, either as a true triad or as a V with Kuzuryuu in the middle, that'd be potentially interesting!)

Oh, and by the way - I did like most of DR3, but I understand if you wanted to take a different tack, so it's fine with me if you choose to ignore it.

For Chihiro & Mondo, you could write something set when they were attending Hope's Peak - you could go for something happy, or something bittersweet, considering their fates. Or you could write something during the events of DR1 - a what-if AU where Mondo doesn't kill Chihiro in chapter 2, maybe?

The above are only suggestions, of course; feel free to follow them or ignore them as you choose!

ETA (again): I forgot to add - I'm fine with writing the Impostor as either non-binary or male. Ditto Chihiro - I personally interpret Chihiro as male, but it's fine if you prefer Chihiro to be non-binary. Would prefer no trans girl Chihiro because that doesn't really grok with Chihiro's arc in canon, at least for me!
3. Harry Potter: Regulus Black/Severus Snape || Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter

I'm always down for Draco/Harry, of course, and Regulus/Snape is my rarepair in this fandom (mostly because of the Sacrifice Arc series, mind you - which I definitely recommend if you haven't read it); I'd be happy to receive either! Would prefer no non-magic AUs, but canon-divergent AUs are always cool. I'm cool with something explicit or something more gen.
For Regulus/Snape, you could set it during their school years/Death Eater years, or you could go for a canon-divergent AU in which Regulus survives... or hey, you could write some afterlife action! As for Draco/Harry, you could delve into their school years (or even a Slytherin!Harry AU, I'm fond of those), or set it later, during their adulthood.

(A note here: Epilogue-What-Epilogue is a fine approach, but if you want to acknowledge the epilogue as canon, I'd prefer for neither Draco nor Harry to cheat on their respective spouses; having them be divorced would be fine, as would them being in open relationships. In any case, I'd prefer for Ginny not to be villainized; sometimes relationships just don't work out, without one party necessarily being EvilBadWrong.)

ETA 1/14: I am so sorry that I didn't finish this until now! I have issues with anxiety and depression that makes it hard to get things done sometimes... ;-;
In conclusion, I hope that you are inspired, and I am excited to see what you write for me! Good luck, and have fun!
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